• Great compensation
  • Get paid weekly via direct deposit
  • Paid training starting at $17/hr
  • Part-time or full-time hours
  • Paid sick leave
  • Room for growth & advancement
  • Earn bonuses plus all tips are yours
  • Major holidays off
  • All supplies and equipment provided
  • Daytime hours, no nights/weekends
Rain City Maids Employment
Rain City Maids Employment


Whether you have years of cleaning experience or no experience at all, we will train you! Our professional training program will teach you the best methods for cleaning homes the Rain City Maids way.

You will get up to 2 weeks of hands-on training when you come to work at Rain City Maids. Our experienced trainers will show you the ropes and make sure you have the knowledge needed to be successful in the role!


Looking for an opportunity with room to grow? We are growing and we offer a career path that allows you to grow with the company! If you're looking for more than just a cleaning job, look no further. Here are the roles that you can work towards.

  • Team Member
  • Lead
  • Trainer
  • Supervisor
Rain City Maids Employment


Cleaning houses is literally as you may believe it to be, it's cleaning houses! With Rain City Maids you get to work alone sometimes, or with others. Constantly changing locations makes for every week to not feel like you're on repeat. You may be requested to work with clients whom become your regulars. Your regulars often become your favorites. You will build relationships with your co-workers & clients. The work is hard and detail-oriented but, it goes by fast, and the schedule is great!

The best part of this job is the staff. Management and coworkers are all approachable, helpful, and friendly. We are recognized and rewarded for our hard work regularly, which helps keep our teams motivated to do our best and strive for improvement. This keeps our clients happy as well. There is excellent communication throughout the company so everyone is on board with news, changes, etc.

Fantastic company! I love moving around and cleaning homes it was something I'm good at and working for a company thats always trying to grow in the right direction is exciting and beneficial.

A typical day at work starts between 8 & 9 am. Helping people who need extra hands to get things clean is self-rewarding. The office fits you with people that are within your comfort zone. Occasionally you are asked to fill in for another coworker but what job doesn’t ask? Staff is friendly. Immediate response when e-mailing. It’s a pretty good place to work for.